I originally tried the Alexander Technique looking for a solution to the chronic tendonitis in my hands from my work as a professional pianist.  I had tried several solutions to no avail when a friend suggested the Alexander Technique.  After a year of lessons, I moved to New England and entered the Alexander Technique Training Center and trained under master teacher Ruth Kilroy for three years and 1600 hours to become a teacher.  I was AmSAT certified in 2001 and have since taught privately in my home, at the Massage Therapy Center of Rhode Island, in Spain and North Carolina.  I have also given presentations to groups including students at  The Music Conservatory of Santiago de Compostela, Spain and Rhode Island College.

The Alexander Technique has had a positive impact on my life beyond any expectations.  To name a few:  my tendonitis is gone, I have better technique and focus at the piano, I am more comfortable, move more easily, sleep better, have improved posture, less stiffness, no more back pain, a better overall life outlook,  I am grounded and balanced, my singing is better, I have the ability to calm myself in stressful situations, and simply enjoy life more than before.

For these reasons and more I am dedicated to this work and love sharing it with others.