Do you have chronic pain, stiffness or tension in your body?
Do you have bad posture or feel “compressed in your body but don’t know how to change?
Do you want to speak with more ease and confidence?


Gabe Evens is a AmSAT certified teacher of the Alexander Technique based in Louisville, KY.
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Taking the Alexander Technique lessons from Gabe Evens has been a miracle for me. I no longer take daily medication to combat body aches and chronic pain in my neck and hip.In a few lessons, the pain in my upper body vanished and was replaced with greater flexibility.After more lessons most discomfort was gone and a pronounced limp left from a severe falling injury had disappeared. I have good stability and a feeling of assurance and safety in my movement. I feel better now than when I was 30.
"Gabe helped me identify ways I was holding and moving my body that were contributing to my low-back pain. With an instructive and assuring hands-on style, he taught me how to do simple movements in a way that wasn't detrimental to my back. I've been able to transfer this awareness to running, cycling and yoga only to name a few of it's seemingly unlimited applications. I highly recommend lessons with Gabe to anyone who is seeking long-term relief from low-back pain."